Small business advertising has never been easier.

It was only a couple of decades ago that marketing tactics were quite expensive, but in today’s tech-savvy era, marketing has become much more cost-efficient and it has also increased in effectiveness. Many small business owners have yet to hop on the online marketing bandwagon, causing their sales to plummet when compared with those that use online marketing for all that it’s worth. Fortunately, though, it doesn’t take extensive knowledge or experience to take advantage of various online marketing tactics, including YouTube advertising. Here’s a look at 10 reasons your small business should use YouTube as a part of your marketing strategy.

1) Build Your brand

YouTube is excellent for building your brand because you can share how your brand (company) came into existence. You can use videos on the platform to promote specific products, but the ultimate advantage comes from building your overall company brand. Remember, when you market your business through YouTube, focus a large portion of your videos on the industry you operate in rather than the specific products or services you sell because this will reach a larger audience.

2) Direct sales

If you have a specific product or service that sells in large quantities, you will definitely want to use YouTube as a way to share video tutorials with your customers. Even better is that in doing this you will be showing prospect customers the benefits of using certain products and services, which may win them over and convert them into current and returning customers.

3) Fill open positions

If you’re marketing vacant positions within your company, YouTube will be of the most benefit. You can make videos about the positions that are open, including what the employee will be doing and why it is to their advantage to work with your business.

4) Product training

Gone are the days of having to fly employees across the country to take part in product training seminars. You can easily create and share training videos with your workers, which greatly minimizes training expenses.

5) Embedding

Another notable aspect of using YouTube for your company is that you can embed links to the videos just about anywhere. From your company’s online website to your profiles on an assortment of social media platforms, embedding links to your videos becomes a cinch. If you own a blog of any sort, you should make sure to embed links frequently throughout the content you share as this will provide a convenient way to direct traffic to your YouTube videos.

6) Get personal

Connecting with your current and prospect customers through YouTube gives you a simple way to get personal with them. YouTube has special features such as a comments section that provides valuable interaction between you and customers, which will increase your overall reputation and brand awareness.

7) Improve SEO tactics

Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google? That’s right, and this means that the largest search engine in the world works hand-in-hand with the largest video platform. When you advertise through YouTube, you are gaining access to search engine optimization benefits directly from Google. With this in mind, make sure you label all of your videos using search engine-friendly terms, and don’t forget to fill out your YouTube profile completely, including a link to your company’s website.

8) Drive sales

Social Intelligence Report released by Adobe states that “the average revenue per visit from YouTube is $.70. Sure, this may not sound like a lot, but when compared to Pinterest and Twitter, it is considerably higher. With that said, YouTube is not only beneficial for increasing engagement but driving sales, as well.

9) Multiple ways to utilize the videos

There are so many ways to use videos on YouTube. Whether you’re just promoting your brand or providing customers with a tutorial, videos enhance the overall experience. 5 ways to utilize the videos include sharing DIY tips, product demos, testimonials, interviews, and tutorials.


10) More effective than written word

Lastly, your small business should be using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy because according to Dr. James McQuivery with Forrester Research, “one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” Video converts into increased engagement as well as higher levels of retention. It also builds a level of trust in your and your company that cannot be done with written text. This makes much sense being that 65 percent of people who watch videos actually view at least 3/4 of content being played.



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