The most successful entrepreneurs are those that possess the leadership skills necessary to inspire people to follow them into uncharted waters. Having a growth mindset, rather than one that is fixed, is another key component to substantial achievement. Successful business owners sometimes look at the world a bit differently, and their mindsets offer insight into the thought processes that contribute to their success.

Fixed mindsets require perfection and abhor failure, and anyone who has owned their own successful business knows that those two concepts have no place amongst successful entrepreneurs. It is possible to alter one’s mindset with small changes to one’s daily habits, and it is a necessary action if one wishes to succeed as a business owner.  The five principles below shed light on practices that can help everyone in their quest for professional fulfillment.


Embracing fear and moving out of one’s comfort zone is easier said than done. In order to jolt yourself out of a safe routine, start small and with daily challenges that will translate well into business practices. A lot of leaders suggest doing one new thing a day, while others prefer the cold shower technique. Find something that you can accomplish on a daily basis and that will get you out of the daily grind and set your mind free from preconceived beliefs and habits.


Business owners wear an extreme number of hats, and oftentimes spend the majority of their day putting out fires. Adopting a goal-setting mindset  will help to trim away the ineffectual time wasters and bring the important tasks to the forefront. Create a daily to-do list and take another step that is often overlooked: review the list at end of day to determine how much progress was made and which tasks need to be carried forward. Evaluate how much is being accomplished each day, and make adjustments accordingly.


There are only so many minutes in a day, and it does not matter how successful one is, how much money one may have, or social status, everyone has the same amount of time available each day. Harnessing effective time management skills and valuing one’s time as if it is a most treasured possession helps to eliminate unnecessary noise from daily life. Saying no and delegation are the two main tenets of taking control of one’s day. It is not possible, or necessary, to accept every request, nor is it necessary to perform every task oneself.


Understanding our core desires and beliefs go a long way toward commitment to a goal, and sustaining the level of passion necessary to make it through the rough patches. Societal and family pressures and expectations can skew our vision of ourselves and our future. Maintain a strict vigilance on how outside forces may be influencing decisions, expectations, and attitudes.


One thing that nearly all successful entrepreneurs have in common is their belief in continuous learning and maintaining a curious mindset. Complacency is the enemy of continued success, and it is important to remain vigilant against its creeping presence, especially once a certain level of achievement is reached. Resting on one’s laurels may be human nature, however, it has no place in the life of a successful business owner. Innovation and vigilance can keep it at bay, as will the practice of seeking new knowledge. Stay curious, and approach each day with a sense of wonderment to dispel the threat of complacency.

Emulating those that have established themselves at the top of their industries is an effective way to adopt effective habits that will serve you well.


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