Online quizzes are often thought of as fun distractions and time wasters for the cubicle set. While those two points may be accurate, a well constructed online quiz can be a font of actionable information as well as a serious SEO boost. In fact, there are several great reasons to include them in your next marketing campaign.


When customers complete online quizzes they are fully engaged and interacting with your brand. The more customers interact with your brand, the more likely they are to feel a stronger sense of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. When creating your quiz, be sure to add lots of personality and make the experience fun. Whether you opt for a personality test, one that tests knowledge of popular cultural touchstones, or questions centered around your products, keep them short and to the point.


There are a number of online resources that will construct your quiz for you, you just provide the questions. Similar to online surveys, the questions will determine the quality of the data collected. Taking a very targeted approach to your quizzes, will put you in a good position to learn about your prospective customers. Quizzes should be no more than 10 questions, and ideally, will take between two and three minutes to complete. Images are an easy way to engage that is perfect for those market segments with short attention spans.


Quizzes are easily shared, and have social media icons right on the page to make the sharing easy. And who knows, your quiz may become a ‘net sensation. The inherently viral nature of quizzes lends itself quite well to the creation of buzz and company interest within your market. Clever and engaging quizzes that are unique and fun have the best bet of being shared, and finding compelling images to accompany your questions will go a long way toward helping you reach that goal.


The information that visitors enter in online quizzes creates a veritable treasure trove of usable data. For instance, if you center the quiz around desired traits of a new product, you will be able to tailor your advertising and marketing campaigns around the desires of your market segments. You will also learn a lot about the regional areas in which you have a strong foothold, as well as areas that require more attention. A comprehensive analytics package should be included with your quiz-making bundle.


When a potential customer visits your website to take a quiz, chances are that they will complete it. This action will decrease your bounce rate, while increasing the average amount of time spent on your site, as well as number of pages viewed. Even better, when the quiz is widely shared on social media, this will crate a healthy boost in your analytics and search engine placement. Visitors will likely spend additional time on the site after completing the quiz, if the questions pique their overall interest in your company and products.


Quizzes can be set-up to provide a grouping of suggested products immediately following their completion of the quiz, based upon the visitors answers. This strategy does not require any information from the customer other than what they have already given. There is no coupon to send, thereby removing the barrier of the customer’s refusal to disclose that information. But don’t be afraid to ask for email and other pertinent information. When done in an engaging manner, calls to action that are attached to quizzes are quite successful, especially when paired with a promotion or giveaway.

Online quizzes may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when considering marketing strategies and campaigns. However, they are effective, and quite useful when done properly.



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