Small businesses are the lifeblood of their communities and their acts as philanthropists are of great impact and importance. Entrepreneurs of all types rely on their communities quite a lot and it makes good business sense to foster close ties with the very people that support your business. Charitable works on a local level can make a huge difference in one’s geographical area and often create more of a direct impact than those donations made to established global ventures. Most businesses like to promote philanthropy in their own communities and also give funds to international endeavors. The mix is up to you, but it is always a good idea to give back to our communities.

Earn Credit by Sponsoring Youth Athletic Teams

Everyone loves to go to Little League games in the summer, and what better way to get your firm some much-needed visibility than to sponsor a team? Youth sports teams are where people interact with one another and are a perfect way to establish your business as a cornerstone of the community.

Coordinating Volunteers for Local Food Pantries

Bringing your employees together for a day of charitable service is an effective way of promoting a team spirit that will make for an enriching work experience. People like to give and when they do it with their co-workers it creates an opportunity to forge closer relationships which in turn can lead to greater job satisfaction.

Donating to Local Churches and Other Acts of Charity

Our churches are always there for those in need, and by donating funds in your company’s name you can create a positive outcome for those around you while enjoying a tax deduction. Many churches provide food for needy people, provide counseling for those with drug and alcohol addictions and provide outreach to those in need.

Speaking on Career Days at Community Schools

Giving back does not just mean giving to the needy, the youth of today are sorely lacking in role models and need people to look up to. By speaking at your local schools about small businesses and perhaps even pursuing mentorship opportunities, you will be giving back in a manner that will pay dividends for many years to come.

Sponsoring Scholarships for Students in Lower Tax Brackets

There are many smart and ambitious children whose circumstances can be limiting for them. Scholarships are one way to create an opportunity for these students and enrich your community at the same time. Working together with other small businesses or the local Rotary Club can increase the financial impact that you are able to make.

Donating School Supplies and Computer Equipment Also Provides Great Tax Deductions

Our public school system is less than optimal in some areas, and there is a large amount of opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of local students and teachers. Donations to local schools can create a more engaging learning environment and give our students an added boost to their educational experience.


Become a Philanthropist by Giving Funds to Established Charities

Many small business owners are spread rather thin and have more time commitments than they can currently meet. Donations to well-established charities are always welcome, and while perhaps not impactful to the donor, charitable donations are always welcome. Prior to making any donations do some research on the institution and ensure that they are providing worthwhile effort rather than squandering their donations on executive salaries and fancy parties. Charity Navigator is a superb resource to learn more about the actual dollars and cents that charity organizations put to work for their causes.

Giving back is an important part of any success, and without it doing so we miss out on an opportunity to make the world a better place. The more involved the leadership of a company is in the community the more pride their employees will feel. Small businesses provide many unique and important services for their communities and charitable acts are the logical next step on the path to showing leadership.


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