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Should You Start a Business Blog?

Starting a business blog for your company has a lot of benefits. It shows that your business is staying active. A good business blog confirms that you have authority in your industry and you know what you’re talking about. A great business blog will also consistently drive people to your website in the long-term.

Create opportunity for your company by starting a business blog and get the attention of search engines as well as potential customers.

Benefits of a Business Blog


Make Yourself an Authority

Write about topics concerning your industry. Build trust in visitors by displaying some of the knowledge you hold. Companies that show proficiency in their field have high authority and this will present itself to prospects.

A lead is more likely to become your customer if they feel like you are truly a professional. Having high authority will set you apart from the other options a person has when deciding on which service to use. When people browse for solutions, they often have a lot of questions. If you can clearly and concisely explain away confusions, a prospect has they will view you as the top contender.

All of this brings about trust in you and your business. Having a high amount of trust with prospects is a powerful step in creating high-quality leads.

Higher Traffic and More Leads

If all that your company’s website consists of is information about your business and a services page, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic. Search engines notice how often sites are updated. Your static pages (About Us, Services, etc) are most likely, not updated on a weekly or even monthly basis. A blog page, on the other hand, will see updated content frequently. New, up-to-date content demands attention from search engines as well as prospects. Build traffic by hosting quality, consistent, informative posts that people would want to read.

Aside from building authority, a good business blog will drive traffic. Your blog posts also make excellent homes for an enticing call-to-action. If someone enjoys your posts and realizes it’s value, they’re more likely to want more from you.

Successful marketing efforts demand more than only higher visitor counts. Use this opportunity to turn your visitors into leads by hosting an offer on your blog posts. A high-quality business blog with a great call-to-action with more free content or a special offer is a proven recipe for building a strong list of leads.

Alongside your blogging efforts, work on building great landing pages with value-adding offers. Make an attractive call-to-action to get eyes on your landing pages and the leads will come.

Long-term Results

Blog posts are displayed on your website as long as you want them to be. Unlike a social media post, which generally has a very short shelf-life of effectiveness, business blog posts can live forever. A great post will show up in search results that potential customers are performing and provide them with value. If this value is high enough, people are compelled to share that value; usually through social media.

All of this means continued traffic to your site and the potential for new eyes on your pages. Starting a blog is great marketing for your services, if people are enjoying and using the information found in your posts, they’ll come back for more. Having this, you will also be putting your services at the top of a lead’s list when they come to the point of considering services to use.

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