You’re watching a detective, true crime, or police show on TV. Scene after scene shows the criminal one or two steps ahead of his pursuers. You see the good guys in the office, in coffee shops, at the scene of the crime, mulling over ideas but still hitting a brick wall. THEN – the main character gets to work with a bunch of post-it notes, photos, and stray bits of information. He or she puts this stuff up on a wall, a window glass, a computer – somewhere where they can look at all these disparate ideas, move them around, move them around again, draw arrows, highlight certain things, etc. And THEN, usually with a crew of people around, the post-it notes make sense, the lines are connected, and an answer is found!

You’ve seen it at least 100 times, right? Well, here’s a thought, and it certainly doesn’t spring out of a vacuum. You’re thinking of starting a business. You’re aware of many small business ideas that friends and acquaintances have had, correct? Here comes the pitch. You probably have all the pieces necessary IN YOUR HEAD – small business ideas that will rock your world, or at least allow you to envision a clear path to starting your own business. Here’s how to begin:

Get some small, medium, and large post-it notes. Get yourself a nice wall, bulletin board, or anything that those post-it notes will stick on. Divide that space into 3 parts: your skills and interests,  the second area will be ideas that you’ve gleaned online, from podcasts like TED talks, or from recent – 2016+ web pages or pages that map current trends; and the third area will be specific services that you can offer.

Your skills and interests

Let’s say that you’re a good writer. You’re familiar with content marketing. You have experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Three post-it notes in section 1. You have some free time on your hands. You start researching online for places where you can offer your writing services. Make separate post-it notes for Writer’s Access and  Fat Joe for section 2 to start, but there are literally thousands of other sites where you can trade your writing skills for a pretty decent salary. After you’ve researched some of these sites, you’ll be ready to make some post-it notes for section 3. Notes like blog writing, link building, content creation. Step 4 – we didn’t mention step 4 yet, right? Step 4 involves getting some experience yourself with some of these companies and then casting an eye toward your local community business owners. With a little bit of elbow-grease, some research, and some ingenuity, you can talk to local companies about providing marketing copywriters and SEO for them. You can recruit a few friends, get a little training, and there it is, you can have a content writing agency!

Your Best Ideas May Come In The Middle Of The Night

Many great business ideas show up while lying in bed at night. Take advantage of these. Always have a pen and paper next to your bed on the nightstand. The next day you may have forgotten that great million dollar idea. So be sure to record your thoughts on paper and wake up refreshed and ready to work through it.

What are some current trends for starting a business?

There are business opportunities everywhere like the one I described above. Apply the hints in the previous paragraph. Some of the trending industries for 2017 include wedding planning, virtual assisting, translation services provider, social media consultant, Ice and snow removal services, professional organizer, pool cleaner, pet sitting, walking, and training, photo restoration, laundry services, professional Internet researcher, house painter, cleaning and hauling services, furniture mover, eBay and Craigslist consultant, game and app creator, dog treat baker, construction clean-up, composting and green services, carpenter, aquarium, maintenance, and appliance repair.

So, what happened to the post-it note idea?

Nothing! It’s still there, you have the picture in your head, and you can simply move on and grow the ideas and connections that you might have written on those post-it notes. The key to finding out good business opportunities and starting a business is a combination of interest, perspiration, research, and sharing your ideas and plans with others. Only by sharing concepts and possible ideas with your friends and others can you succeed in today’s world. The last post-it note? Write in big letters “NEVER GIVE UP”!


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