The New Employee Search

Every successful business will eventually be on the search for a new staff. Adding a new member to the staff is a necessity, but finding a great team player is critical. So, how do you find the best new employee for your company?

The High-Quality New Employee

This is a short list of what you should be looking for in your next new employee. Building the best team you can is essential to your business’ success. When going through the interview process, make sure some of these qualities are apparent.

High Ambition

While every company needs low-level staff, your new employee shouldn’t see this as an end goal. You want a new employee that has potential to grow within your business, willing to eventually take on new responsibilities. It’s also important to see how your new employee will respond to doing things outside their comfort zone.

Ask your potential new employee what they do with their spare time. Ask them what they’ve self-taught. Ask about personal projects they’ve undertaken and accomplished. See what they’ve done that shows they’ve gone above and beyond what was asked of them. It’s great (and necessary) to be able to follow directions but going beyond the required shows ambition.

Enjoys Learning

This goes hand in hand with High Ambition. If your new employee prospect has spent most of their time going with the flow and kicking back, this could be a sign of an aversion to learning new things.

Finding a new employee with a list of self-taught accomplishments is a great sign. Even if the prospect is well qualified for the position, you want them to continue learning and growing with you.

A new employee with a lot of hobbies and interests is a great sign of being able to take on new areas of your business.

Great Attitude

A new employee with a bad attitude is an excellent way to throw a wrench in the gears of your business. If your interviewee carries his or herself poorly, this should be your first red flag. You need to have synergy with your staff, and having a great attitude is one of the most important qualities to maintain this.

You want your new employee to take into consideration how they present themselves. Look for what they say about past occupations, are they placing blame on people above them or clients? A good attitude goes a long way when the time comes for an employee to take on new jobs or operations.

A new employee that can respond to new processes and requirements with a smile is an incredible asset.

Team Player

While reclusive types can certainly have a high skill set and propensity for learning, you need someone who will get along with the others. An excellent staff is much more than a group of people with complementary skills for accomplishing goals. A great staff will view themselves as a team that’s always ready to work together.

A new employee that’s a team player with experience working with others will ensure you keep your business firing on all cylinders. Group interviews with other employees are a good way to see in person how your prospect interacts with more than one person and people who aren’t yourself.

Being a team player also extends to how they’ll respond to the way you do business. You don’t need staff that always thinks they know better. If you have proven processes for certain tasks or special requirements for executing tasks, they need to be able to adapt to these.

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