It wasn’t all that long ago that social media marketing was still a baby. Mobile marketing. What was that? Smartphones. Will people really be using them to make purchases? These are questions that no one had accurate answers to, but time has proven that both mobile marketing the smartphone purchasing has become the new trends in our flourishing economies. In fact, advances in technology have greatly revolutionized the marketing industry. So, what we need to be asking ourselves is, “what will marketing trends look like during the next 10 years?” Let’s take a look at a few predictions.

Your Personality and Mood Will Impact Customer Experience

There have been countless times that you’ve likely made a phone call to a company only to first be told, “this call may be monitored for quality and training purposes.” Who is it that’s doing the monitoring? What about your phone call is being analyzed and monitored? Well, now is the time that all of those calls and their monitoring is proving to be of use. Take for example the company Mattersight. It uses AI algorithms combined with a NASA-developed methodology to connect astronauts with representatives who they are the most compatible with. The AI algorithms and the NASA-developed methodology take into account the personality of the astronauts as well as the representatives to ensure the pairings are the best of the best. The same type of marketing is soon to be used in a variety of fields, including the medical industry and retail marketing.

Customized Experiences

Have you ever searched for a product online and then surfed Facebook only to see your newsfeed flooded with ads for products that are similar to the one you searched for? Probably, and you can expect over the decade for these ads to become even more customized to meet your exact preferences. Marketing platforms are even teaming up with one another to take this online experience offline. Take for example that you buy tickets to a sporting event. Within two weeks of the event, you receive an RFID bracelet in the mail with a quick online survey. You answer the questions related to your shirt size, your beverage preferences, and your team of choice. When you arrive at the event, you are treated like a VIP all thanks to the customized experience you were able to enjoy because of enhanced marketing.

Quality Content is Still Going to be King

There is a major shortage of quality content, and this is why the need for it will not slow down over the next few years. For those who are in the writing industry, this is a huge plus because brands will be reaching out more and more to hire writers who can create quality content that centers around their targeted keywords. In addition to textual-based writing, there is going to be an increasing need to incorporate visuals. In fact, videos, photos, and infographics are quickly becoming the most effective forms of content marketing.

The Takeaway

Just the same as marketing has evolved over the past 10 years, it is expected to evolve even more during the next decade. What does your marketing plan look like? The key to building an effective marketing plan is leaving room for flexibility because as trends evolve, your marketing agenda will need to evolve as well.

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