Small business owners the world over have one thing in common: they always feel like they do not have enough time to accomplish everything they would like each day. Time management becomes even more important as tackling all of the necessary tasks in running a growing business often leaves little time for strategy planning and taking the actions required to move up to the next level. As all successful entrepreneurs know, a growing and vibrant business can often feel overwhelming. Learn more time management skill here.

Between keeping up with customer service and the mundane tasks of running an office, the day can quickly become an exercise in putting out fires. Time management tools help with getting the important things done while allowing yourself to stay healthy. Being bogged down with work 24/7 will eventually deplete reserves and have a negative impact on productivity. Effective time management and maintaining a healthy work-life balance go hand in hand. Below are a few ideas to help get you on the right path.


Planning one’s day from the get-go is especially key for small business owners. There are many helpful systems, and perhaps one of the most simple and effective is the Eisenhower Box, otherwise known as the Urgent-Important Matrix. This straightforward plan encourages users to rank task due to their level of importance and urgency, it also posits the belief that there is a fundamental difference between importance and urgency. Small business owners using the tool will also be forced to put all tasks into one of four categories: Do, Decide, Delegate and Delete.  The Eisenhower Box is just one great tool, and whichever you choose just be sure to implement it daily. Another favorite of busy start-up gurus is remembering to stick to the schedule! As simplistic as it may sound, tools are only as effective as their implementation.


Read any amount of health articles and you will be reminded ad infinitum of the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. And, if you are the one running the show, keeping fit and healthy gains even more importance. The added stress of running one’s own business can push the stress meter into unhealthy territory which may be okay for a while but is certainly not a sustainable position. One of the healthy aspects that entrepreneurs grapple with is getting enough sleep. If you already feel the pressure of not having enough time in your days, many find little justification for taking nine hours to sleep. That mindset will need to be altered in order to operate at peak performance for any length of time. Sleep is restorative and also allows the subconscious to work on challenges that you faced throughout your day. Healthy eating is also key, and by eating more fresh rather than processed foods, brain fog and other ailments can be lessened. Learn more on becoming your best here.


When you are the head of the organization, it is key to not only keep on top of today’s tasks but to also always have an eye on the future. Strategies do not form themselves, but once they are established, even incremental steps in the right direction will achieve your desired results. Time management will free up time and mental energy to enable you to keep laying the groundwork today to achieve tomorrow’s desired results. When you are buried under a mountain of paperwork and other admin tasks, it becomes difficult to keep the strategies for future growth top of mind. Mindfulness can help to deliver that focus as well as keeping priorities in check and delegation happening. Too often, small business owners try to do everything themselves when letting go a little can increase overall productivity.

Small business owners do a lot, and usually with a little, by taking care of yourself, you can continue to give 110% to your business without burning out. Something as simple as adding a few key strategies into your daily routine can create a noticeable improvement in your productivity, efficiency and overall well-being.


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