Do you want to increase business? Of course you do, but what I’m suggesting you need to accomplish that may surprise you. Despite how vital it is to manage your profile on multiple online platforms, most business owners do not do this very effectively. Having said that, let’s talk about Yelp, the most popular online platform for posting Reviews. An expert in online marketing can certainly work towards enhancing your brand recognition, and getting more Yelp reviews can certainly aid in that endeavor.

What is The Point of Having More Reviews on Yelp?

The number of people looking on Yelp to read the reviews before deciding on whom to do business with increases every year. There is no question that by having a positive profile on Yelp, you will attract more business. It’s plain and simple. The challenge is in getting more Yelp reviews.

Mistakes That Can Get You In Trouble With Yelp

One mistake that you do not want to make is to advertise your request for more Yelp reviews on Yelp! This is one of a number of things that is strictly prohibited by Yelp’s guidelines. Before doing anything, you need to find out what you’re allowed to include in your company’s profile and what is prohibited. If you go against their guidelines you risk having your account suspended, which will have a detrimental effect.

Promote Yelp At Your Place Of Business

Place a sign on your counter asking people to post a review on Yelp about their experience with your company. It helps to make the sign funny and memorable, stressing how it will help you improve customer service. When you do this, it inspires support from customers who repeatedly do business with you. You might also want to offer your reviewers a chance to participate in a raffle. This will motivate more people to take the time to write and post a review on Yelp for your company.

How Can Digital Marketing Companies Aid In Improving My Google Reviews?

They can help in a number of ways.  First, look at the nature of your website and online presence as it is. These companies rework how everything is set up so that it is optimally efficient for how Google operates when generating reviews.  They will remove limitations created by owner and or webmaster ‘mistakes’ and replace them with more effective means of communication between Google reviews and your website.

You will also want them to focus on cross platform functionality.  Meaning, whether a person is using a desktop, a laptop, or a portable electronic device, they will ensure that all operations are efficient, load quickly, and are optimized for Google reviews and ranking while ensuring a amazing customer experience. This proves to be a far more direct and less technically confusing way to approach Google reviews than with search engine optimization and is exactly what your company needs to stay relevant into the 21st century.

Promote Yelp Across Your Social Media Platforms

It may be a bit challenging, but if you want to get more reviews on Yelp, promoting and asking for Yelp reviews on other social media platforms will likely garner additional reviews on Yelp. This works best if you already have a successful network setup. A well-established online marketing firm can help enhance your online credibility on Yelp, which is essential.

Cultivate Positive Reviews While Thinning Out The Negative

People are more apt to post a review if they think their opinions matter. You can cultivate positive reviews when you have a particularly good experience with a customer. Simply point to your sign and this may spur them on. Asking Yelp to remove bad reviews is a little more challenging. Look at Yelp’s guidelines and if you spot a negative review that goes against their guidelines, contact Yelp and ask that it be removed. Look for reviews that demand a payment, contain intellectual property, invade privacy, are not relevant, promote a competitor, pose a clear conflict between the reviewer and your business, or contain inappropriate content. When you contact Yelp about these, be very specific and ask nicely that the reviews in question be taken down. By cleaning up your reviews in this manner you leave a more appealing space where customers are more apt to post.

Hire A Leading Online Marketing Expert To Handle This For You

Understanding all the regulations and guidelines for Yelp will take many hours. Implementing a plan for getting more Yelp reviews requires a lot more time and effort, especially when you have a business to run. When you consider all the other social media platforms you should be active on, this is a big undertaking. It’s no wonder that so many businesses struggle with this, especially if they’re small to mid-sized.

Fortunately, there are experts who can help you. A well-established online marketing company with expertise in social media can intelligently manage your profile and online reputation across many different platforms, and this includes Yelp. They will help you get more Yelp reviews and identify things that may be impeding the growth of your online presence. By implementing a brilliantly devised SMART sites approach for brand and reputation management, which your online marketing team will certainly use, you won’t need to deal with this complex challenging task yourself, and instead you can continue handling the tasks involved in running your business.

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