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Landing pages are usually added to websites to collect data from users. In order to accomplish this, most website owners add a lead capture form to their landing pages. A properly designed lead capture form will make it simple for your visitors to provide you with their information. Lead capture forms are a must if you want to boost your conversions.

A properly designed and utilized lead capture form:

  • Features form fields to only collect information that is required.
  • Positioned strategically on the landing page. The lead capture form should be positioned after the offer is thoroughly explained.
  • Is properly organized to make it more convenient for visitors to fill in.

If you’re not sure how to design your lead capture form, here are some of the best examples.

1. BrokerNotes

Recently, BrokerNotes updated their lead capture form and managed to increase their conversions from 11 to 46 percent within just a few days. One takeaway from this example is that you should try designing your lead capture form so that it doesn’t look like a form. As you can probably attest, people simply don’t like filling out forms. Therefore, you should consider adding non-standard UI elements to make your lead capture form seem more like a tool rather than a form. You should also add more clickable elements to your lead capture form to reduce the amount of thinking visitors need to do to complete the form.

2. TopPal

TopPal is another page with a top-notch landing page and lead capture form. The success of this lead capture form shows that less is sometimes more when it comes to landing pages. TopPal’s lead capture form also uses conditional logic. This ensures that visitors don’t have to answer more questions or fill out more fields than they have to. The form fields and questions displayed depend on the user’s previous answers.

Another feature that you should consider adding, particularly for longer forms, is a progress bar. As users fill out TopPal’s form, there is a green progress bar at the top of the page that shows the user how far they have to go.

3. Creative Design Architects

Creative Design Architects is another example of a company with an effective lead generation form. This form makes use of many visual icons. These icons make the form look less like a form and more like a tool. The form is also very simple and engaging, which will encourage users to fill it out. The form uses conditional logic and calculations to offer users a personalized experience. At the end of the form, the user receives a quote in return for providing their information.

Undoubtedly, a good lead capture form is essential if you want to maximize conversions. As long as you take advantage of the tactics utilized by the lead capture forms discussed above, you should have no problem increasing the conversation rate for the landing page on your website. For more information about lead capture forms, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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