SEO for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent tool for you, as a small business owner, to advertise your business by adding quality content to your website so that it appears more frequently and at the beginning of search engines (where most people select their search results). SEO is designed to bring in more prospective clients and traffic to your website for your business’s profit and success.

Small business owners especially benefit from an active web presence because without the use of search engines, they would have to solely rely on others’ referrals and recommendations, while web searching is the most common way to find services. Today, people are much more likely to use their mobile phones before using their computers or opening a growingly-archaic Yellow Pages book to find a business. Therefore, it is imperative to have a visually appealing and mobile-friendly website filled with relevant information so that clients choose your business over any other one.
Here are some simple SEO tips for small business owners that can promote their business with ease:

SEO Tips for Small Business Websites

There are several types of content that can be added to your website. Your business’s website will benefit from adding pages of: 1) an introduction for yourself, 2) testimonials, 3) FAQ’s, 4) videos, and 5) blog posts. All of this will allow your prospective clients to see who you are, your reputation, what your business is, and receive important information. Meanwhile, your website will be visited more frequently and will make clients more likely to choose your services. After all, a client is more likely to choose a business that has a vibrant website complete with valuable facts and news, over a plain website with minimal information.

1. Introduction

An introduction page of yourself is an easy way for you to demonstrate who you are and what your credentials are. A client will be more likely to choose your business if he or she has an illustration of yourself, your business, and knows more about you. Being personable and approachable will make clients comfortable and confident with reaching out to you for your services.

2. Testimonials

Testimonials written by past and current clients are also an effective way to represent your business’s reputation. Posting short paragraph reviews from your clients will show that your business is trustworthy and that you will help achieve your clients’ goals successfully.

3. FAQ’s

Sometimes, clients have many same or similar questions depending on his or her situation. Having a FAQ’s page will not only add additional value to your page, but it will also quickly and accurately answer possible pressing questions without any hardship on your part.

4. Videos

Videos allow you to speak and visually explain your points so that you have the message you want to get across to your customers efficiently. Today, there are several free video streaming websites that will allow you to create free accounts and post videos to add to your website at no cost.

5. Blog Posts

Blog posts are an effective way to maintain your web presence and keep your website updated. Posting a new blog post on a regular basis will allow new information to circulate, all the while inviting current, new, and prospective clients to read your blog articles! Depending on your area of expertise, there are several topics that you can write about on your blog in regards to your business. Clients will be interested in reading what they can hire you for, any updates and news, and important information surrounding your area of business.

Affordable SEO for Small Business

Our SEO marketing business can show you the strategies for small business success. Here are some examples of strategies that can enhance your website and optimize its search results:


It is important to research what your prospective clients will search for when they try to find a business that you specialize in. These are the “keywords” that will be implemented into your pages that will allow Google to acknowledge what your business provides for and show your website as a result.
For example, if someone is looking for an attorney to have a will professionally written up, he or she may search “wills attorney,” or “estate lawyer.” In addition, they may add which area they are located in. By strategically including these keywords into your blogs and pages, your website will appear in potential clients’ searches as a top result.

Mobile Optimization

Today, most people own mobile smart devices. Naturally, with the ease of being able to take a mobile device almost anywhere, alongside its multi-tasking features and growing 4G and LTE data usage, people are increasingly using their phones and tablets instead of laptops and desktop computers. Therefore, it is important that your business’s website is mobile-friendly so that your current and potential clients can visit your website on all their devices without any technical issues.
Without diving into too much detail, a mobile-optimized website will be able to detect when a reader is using a mobile device and ensure that mobile users have the same consistent experience on your website while using a mobile device, as they would have while using a computer.

Location Services

Most people allow their smartphones, laptops, and computers to detect their location. On a smartphone, this includes GPS, Bluetooth, hotspots, and cell phone towers to figure out where you are currently located. On laptops and computers, Google uses your Wi-Fi location to determine your location. While searching on a phone with location services enabled, Google and Maps can determine what businesses are around a user’s location. This is beneficial to small business owners because clients will typically be looking for a business near their area. Making sure that your business is optimized for location services and has a correct address will bring in more local customers to your business.

Website Load Speed Times

Studies have proven that load speeds for websites are a very important factor to having a successful website because readers are unlikely to wait for long load speed times while reading through websites. People currently want and expect fast results and answers. Even seconds can affect how successful your website can be.
Readers are also unlikely to recommend, share, or revisit websites that don’t have fast load speeds. Google has caught on to this user preference and has now implemented website load speed times as part of their algorithm for rankings and results. Having a fast load speed time while maintaining excellent page quality and value is crucial for your website.
Some ways to improve your load speed times are to:
Compact your website’s code format
Optimize your images so that they are properly formatted and sized to load quickly
Avoid having multiple unnecessary page redirects that require additional pages to load

User Interface

Adding titles and headings to your website will allow your readers to easily identify what they are looking for while showing organization and appealability. Through schema markup, your page will be visually pleasing to your clients while essentially telling search engines what you want them to display in their results for your page(s). Having a clear and easy-to-follow interface will give your website more chances of being visited again and allow you to have more people recommend your website.

Image and Alt Tags

Adding images to your website is an element to make it visually appealing to look at. A strategy is to include tags into these images. Google describes this strategy in more detail by stating that they are looking for relevant and “useful information about the subject matter of the image.” This will allow Google to interpret your photos while allowing any visually-impaired readers to identify what your image is.
An example of this is if you are selling several products; adding an alt tag for the name of each product’s image will allow people who cannot see very well to read what that item is, all the while, allowing Google to match a user’s search inquiry to your website.

Link Building

Including reputable links to your website with relevant information will not only provide your readers with more material to read and comprehend, but it will also allow Google to rank your website higher by confirming that your website and information is legitimate. This will allow Google to utilize your keywords and tags further to target your desired audience. Such additional content with relevant and reliable links that you have on your page will enhance it and help your page gain a higher rank.
Link building is a great strategy to have your business increase popularity while adding quality content to your website and showing authority to the subject matter.

.EDU and .GOV Link Building

Links ending with .EDU and .GOV websites are recognized to be reliable with accurate information. .EDU websites are educational websites that have accurate scholarly articles. .GOV websites are government websites that contain continuous updates in news and up-to-date information. Including such links to your website, in addition to your blogs and pages, will enhance your website’s content credibility.

Third Party Social Media Profiles

Creating social media accounts to promote your business can be extremely beneficial. Adding a Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, etc. account for your business will help create more traffic to your page and additional visits from potential clients. Creating an account on all these social media platforms is quick, simple, free, and can certainly benefit your business.
By having such media profiles, your business will benefit by:
Gaining free exposure for your business
Bringing in new clients that discover your business on these popular sites
Keeping in touch with your clients
Updating your clients on important news about your business
Having reviews and ratings from your past and current customers to show your business’s reputation

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free program where you can quickly and easily sign your business up with so that it is listed at the top of search results when people search for your services in the near area. Signing up with Google will allow you to include your business’s address, phone number, hours of operation, and allow for ratings and responses.
Google My Business will put your business as a top result and bring in more customers by:
Knowing your business address and location of the person who is searching for your services nearby
Easily allowing potential clients to press your phone number to call you
Knowing when your business is open and when you are available
Showing positive reviews and ratings of your business to show that you are running an effective and superior business


Stacking is the process of having multiple unique pages for your main website to increase the frequency that your pages appear on a single Google search. This strategy is beneficial to your business because your pages will appear several times. The more results that your business can have for your high-quality pages, the likelier it is that someone will click on your page, which creates more traffic to your pages.
With these SEO tips and strategies, your business website will be able to reach to its optimal potential on search engines.

What to be Cautious of

SEO marketing may seem straight forward on the surface, but it deals with a lot of technicalities and attention to detail. This is why hiring a professional and experienced SEO team will be beneficial to your business. Examples of what to look out for are:
Websites and sources with inaccurate information
Websites that are not user-friendly
Internal pages that are not unique or relevant
SEO firms that are not experienced and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of SEO marketing

Wrapping Things Up

SEO marketing is a wonderful way for businesses to grow and gain popularity by bringing in more clients and keeping current and past clients updated. This is especially helpful for small business owners who may not have the enormous platforms that major corporations have. Hiring an experienced SEO firm to promote, advertise, and highlight your business will certainly benefit your business.