Whether you are starting a small business or looking to expand your reach with a current company, doing so has never been easier with 1 minute websites. Using websites to appeal to larger groups of consumers while building brand loyalty and followers is a way to gain authority regardless of the industry you are working in. Understanding the benefits of using a quick service to build an official website for your business while also implementing SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential to maintain relevance while establishing a user base that has access to the products or services you provide at all times.

Downfalls of Hiring a Professional Website Developer

If you are unsure of how to build a website yourself, you may be considering the option of hiring a professional developer to get the job done. While it is often tempting to look for professional web designers and programmers to create the “right” look and style for your website, it can also lead to longer development time even after you have received an official quote. In some cases, web development companies can cost thousands of dollars to complete a basic website that only provides information about your business and limited graphics or images to represent your company.

Although the portfolio of a professional developer or web design firm may be appealing, it is important to take into consideration the time and cost restraints the investment may present. The cost of building a website with professional website developers may be out of your budget and ultimately not worth the effort with other options such as 1 minute websites that are available regardless of your programming and design experience.

Benefits of 1 Minute Websites

1 Minute Websites are highly recommended for business owners who want to improve their site’s overall look and function and for professional individuals who simply want to get their company more notice online today. With a 1 minute website solution, you no longer have to worry about understanding FTP connections, plug-in updates, or complying with Google standards, allowing you to focus more on building your business and adding to your bottom line. 1 Minute websites also build all the content for the pages and add all images. You can add to or change any images or content if you choose, but the 1 Minute Websites are created especially for your particular profession and or services. You can also add promotions you want to share with online followers and visitors to your site.

Using 1 Minute Websites gives you more creative control over the look, feel, and overall style you want to showcase on your site–from signage and graphics to videos and promotional materials. All websites created with the 1 Minute Website builder are also mobile-friendly, giving you the ability to retain all users interested in your business regardless of the resolution or device they are using to view your website.

Keeping your website secure and running smoothly at all times has never been easier than with One Minute Websites, taking the stress of development and maintenance off of your mind so you are able to conduct business as usual without interruption. Our team of professionals work together to create highly optimized websites that are both functional and visually appealing, regardless of the demographic you are targeting and the branding for your business you want to highlight.

Additionally, many business owners are often concerned about optimization of their websites, leading them to hire unnecessary SEO firms to complete the task. With a 1 Minute Website, search engine optimization is also included in the package, providing total peace of mind when moving forward with any project.

SEO Advantages

Implementing SEO (search engine optimization) into a website is a key factor in determining how quickly and easily potential customers are able to find your website and what you have to offer with popular search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo!. While some professionals work solely on SEO projects, they often charge flat-rate fees, monthly fees, or even by the hour–racking up the total investment drastically prior to launching your website. If you are wondering “how to optimize my website”, consider trying a 1 Minute Website builder to expedite the process. Their S.E.O. experts will ensure that all keywords are being utilized in the most effective areas of your site before going live.

With the advent of 1 Minute Websites becoming more available to those who aren’t familiar with programming and web design, it has never been easier to reach your target audience with the use of search engines, content marketing, and social media campaigns. Forget about expensive developers, time gaps in programming, and hiring expensive optimization firms for your business website–instead, take complete control of your digital presence on your own terms for a fraction of the total cost! Remember, it only takes a Minute.  Try It Now.




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