An effective logo is a down-to-earth, uncomplicated design that can be easily and quickly recognized. It is unique, flexible, memorable, and suitable for its intended purpose.

The subject matter is not primarily relative. A logo doe does not necessarily have to show what product or service a company is promoting. However, a good design should derive its meaning in some way from that which it symbolizes. Your logo is an image that will represent your company and its values, traits and attributes.

This image should be a simple, remarkable, unforgettable, imprint. It is ageless and will be just as effective 10 years from now as it is today. A good logo has at least one unique component. It needs to be suitable for its intended purpose. Ideally, your company logo will enhance the first impression customers have of your business.  It can be an abstract graphic symbol that becomes connected to a particular brand. It does not have to be a pictorial illustration.

How to choose a font

You want to choose a font that puts a person in mind of your brand’s character and demeanor. If your brand’s character is very straight and serious, choose a corresponding font; if your brand’s character is more relaxed, you might choose a whimsical style.


The shades and hues of color you use can also become an element of your brand identity and the expectations of your target market.

The fewer colors you use, the easier your logo will be to create and manage. It will also be less expensive.

No matter what colors you choose, you can be sure that your logo will also work just fine in black and white.

The Message is Important

When brainstorming a logo, determine what message you want to send about your company. This reflects back to its character.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your company very serious or is it relaxed and warm-hearted?
  • What makes it unique and different from your competitors?
  • What is the age and the nature of your target audience?

Evaluating your logo

Put your symbol to the test to see if it encompasses the attributes of a good logo.

  • Is it appropriate? Does it make a good impression?
  • Is it clear and easy to remember?
  • Does it work with just a few colors and at a small size?

Making a logo is a very subjective process. Let your creativity flow. Some part of you, your personality, character, likes and dislikes will become part of your creation. But that’s okay; that’s one of the features that will make it unique!

A logo does not have to illustrate what a company does, but it can, and often does, such as on a literary website, when a lady with a pen in her hand is writing in a notebook. The site is advertising books and E-books.

Remember, a good logo is flexible, memorable, and suitable for its intended purpose. It should be a simple, but unforgettable imprint. It is ageless and will be just as meaningful 10 years from now as it is today. Above all, keep it clear and impressive.

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