Have you ever noticed just how many brands and businesses are showing up on YouTube? It’s staggering how many new videos are getting put up every day by so many different companies. We’re not counting YouTube celebs and other small channels. What we’d like to focus on is how even small businesses are utilizing this awesome opportunity and why.

A key piece of information to keep in mind is most visitors of YouTube are trying to answer a question they have or find a solution to something. Many other YouTube users sign in to learn something new.

With the right marketing strategy this is an excellent opportunity to be the person that provides an awesome solution or answers that nagging question. Find an issue that pertains to your product or service and get some videos going about it!

Great Marketing

This is one of the top reasons you want to start considering getting on the YouTube bandwagon. The marketing opportunity is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It’s all because of a few key areas YouTube has managed to dominate.

Huge Audience

YouTube has more than one billion users or roughly one-third of all internet users. This is a gigantic audience and it’s spread world-wide.

Beyond this, YouTube is always growing. You have a seemingly unlimited amount of potential eyes to get on your message. If you make great content, this will lead to comments (along with a bunch of other great benefits) which give your videos a boost and leads us to our next point.

High Engagement

This aspect as well as the next section are inherent to video in general, but, YouTube is especially engaging. As mentioned earlier, YouTube users enjoy leaving comments; this is engagement! It’s also a great opportunity to start communication with people.

Getting involved in your comments sections makes your brand look even better. Being active shows that your company is doing well and makes people feel like your products will be well supported.

High Conversions

Video is a conversion powerhouse. When videos are used in landing pages, they can experience up to 80% more conversions. Now we have a social platform completely built around videos. Put that together with an active audience searching and researching solutions for issues they’re having; it’s a marketers dream.

Build Trust and Authority

If you pump out some really useful and high-quality content, you will appear to be an authority in your industry. Let’s do a little thought exercise.

You need some service done around your house and find three companies that could perform it. They each have content with the relatively same information. One company has everything in text on an older website. The second company has an updated website with a lousy video with echo chamber-like sound; we’ve all seen these. The third company has an updated website as well as some professionally produced video using real microphones. Research is showing us almost everyone is going to flock to the third option.

This is industry authority in full effect. Which one of these guys is most like your company?

Sharing Opportunity

After you make these videos, share them on your Facebook, Twitter or other social accounts. Hopefully, people finding your videos on YouTube are sharing them themselves, reaching an even wider audience. But, sharing your videos with your audience is a sure-fire way to get some great social media engagement. With great content, you have a good chance of setting off a chain-reaction of shares. What’s even better, your videos never die. You can continue to use them as long as it makes sense!

There’s a lot of reasons you should get your company on YouTube. There’s a massive audience of active users that regularly engage with new content. If you aren’t starting to tap into this opportunity, there’s a good chance your competitors are.

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