Each and every day there are countless numbers of local businesses competing for customers, and this is no truer than online where there are millions competing with each other. What key things determine who wins out and who doesn’t? It’s really very simple, the businesses that win out are the ones utilizing the resources available to their best advantage. One of the best available resources would be an expert in online marketing to remove any bad Yelp reviews you may have.

Is It Really Possible To Have Bad Yelp Reviews Removed?

Yes it is! The success of your business is not totally in the hands of reviewers. Yelp reviewers must obey the guidelines set forth by Yelp when they post their reviews. If a reviewer goes against one of  Yelp guidelines, there is justification for having the review pulled down.

How Can I Have My Bad Reviews Removed From Yelp?

Bad Yelp reviews can be removed by fully understanding the guidelines that Yelp has set up for posting reviews. When you notice a negative comment, look to see if it goes against any of Yelp’s rules. If so, then you can petition Yelp to have the review pulled down. When you remove the bad reviews that are not relevant to your company, you leave a much better impression of your business with the positive reviews that remain. Users will read the comments, see how they might apply to their needs, and determine whether to do business with you or not. Below I’ve listed the criteria to look for in seeking to have bad Yelp reviews removed.

What Are The Criteria For Having Bad Yelp Reviews Removed?

Yelp considers content inappropriate if it is degrading, inflammatory, attacking and anything else that is obviously has no place being published on their platform. This type of content is not hard to spot, since it usually attacks the individual and company without revealing much in of any value or substance.

Demands for money are also against the rules. Some people leave negative reviews trying to get that business to pay them money or to have the business provide free services. This is a form of extortion and Yelp will not tolerate it. This is something that will definitely get Yelp’s attention of you flag the review to have it removed.

Intellectual property is sometimes posted it in a bad review. If this review is on your business, the review can be removed. So if you suspect that someone has copy and pasted comments from some other source, do what you can to have the review pulled down.

Privacy violations occur when a business’ private information is publicly published online. This usually happens when someone is really angry with a particular company, whatever the reason is, and they go on a rant on Yelp exposing company secrets. These can certainly be removed.

Relevance is another matter to be considered. If the comments in the review are not relevant to the business being reviewed or the person’s experience with that company, it goes against the guidelines and can be taken down. Comments that would not be relevant would be how the company treats their employees, commenting on ideologies, the wages paid, etc. If the review contains comments like these, then you have the right to flag it for removal from Yelp.

How To Make Bad Yelp Review Removal Easier

You can seek to have your bad Yelp reviews removed on your own, but don’t expect this to be easy. You have a business to run and this project can take up a lot of your time. It would be wise to hire a professional online marketing expert to take care of removing your bad Yelp reviews. While they’re at it they can provide the same service on the many other sites that your company has a profile on. An expert will deal with your needs and those of your business, saving you an incredible amount of time and effort. Let them help you generate business by using their SMART sites services. Having bad Yelp reviews is best done by the professionals, and once done you will be thrilled at how your online reputation is improved as well as sales. This will certainly improve your website’s online search performance.

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